Working through COVID 19

These have been unprecedented times that no one has ever witnessed before and the impact it has had on the world is unbelievable. Many industries and companies have been forced to put their businesses on hold and there is a huge amount of concern about personal health and the economy.

Shand Engineering is a manufacturing company and under the Government guidelines manufacturing businesses were, in the majority of cases, expected to continue operating during the lockdown period in order to support the economy. Following those guidelines, Shand Engineering have continued to fully operate during the lockdown, but obviously made significant changes to the way it operates in order to make the whole manufacturing facility and the office block safer for it’s employees.

The impact of the changes have been minimal in terms of production efficiencies and the whole workforce have been superb in their quick uptake of the new procedures which help ensure that we all look after our work colleagues and the business. The way we work may be different, but the business still continues to support it’s customers all over the world by delivering quality products on time.

We wish everyone good health and hope that you are all as safe as possible in these difficult times.