Over 40 years fabricating high quality products that meet the high standards of the oil and gas industry.

High standard fabrications

Shand fabricate many products including Y-pieces, U-pieces, spools, blinds and bend stiffeners. With strong buying power, an extensive in-house manufacturing facility and years of fabrication experience, Shand are able to retain competitive prices, whilst maintaining extremely high quality products manufactured to customer drawings.

With experience in working with carbon steels through to exotic materials Shand have the experience to help businesses with their fabricated products.

Bespoke Solutions

Can we help your business?

With an experienced team of engineers, Shand will fabricate, machine or test your products should you require a quality service. With a significant number of fabrication, machining and non-destructive testing facilities available in house we can help with most manufactured products.

Shand are experienced of working directly with customer drawings to meet customer needs. We have CAD/CAM facilities to speed up the process from drawing to product.

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