Swaged Fittings

Robust products designed for industrial hoses. Applications can be in harsh environments carrying aggressive chemicals.

Bespoke Swaged Fittings

Shand manufacture a wide variety of swaging fittings. These are suitable for crimping, as well as internal and external swaging. The standard fittings are available in a range of materials. These materials all undergo Shand’s stringent QC procedures and have full traceability throughout the manufacture process.

As well as having a range of swaged fittings, Shand’s in-house team of expert engineers are also able to manufacture proven swaging machines bespoke to customer requirements. The custom range includes swaging machines and tooling for a range of pipe sizes from 1” to 12”, with fittings to suit these. Available as fixed in-house swaging machines, or portable for on-site swaging.

Bespoke Solutions

Can we help your business?

With an experienced team of engineers, Shand will fabricate, machine or test your products should you require a quality service. With a significant number of fabrication, machining and non-destructive testing facilities available in house we can help with most manufactured products.

Shand are experienced of working directly with customer drawings to meet customer needs. We have CAD/CAM facilities to speed up the process from drawing to product.

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