Built-in Hose Fittings

Manufacturers of hose end fittings to the world's leading marine hose manufacturers.

Highest standards with over 40 years experience

Shand have been supplying the oil and gas industry with bespoke built-in hose fittings for over 40 years. Manufacturers of a market leading portfolio of steel fittings, specifically designed to handle the harsh environments that they are used in.

All the world’s marine hose manufacturers have used Shand fittings and the Shand name is well known in the industry for quality, knowledge, quick turnaround and a comprehensive documentation control system.


Bespoke Solutions

Can we help your business?

With an experienced team of engineers, Shand will fabricate, machine or test your products should you require a quality service. With a significant number of fabrication, machining and non-destructive testing facilities available in house we can help with most manufactured products.

Shand are experienced of working directly with customer drawings to meet customer needs. We have CAD/CAM facilities to speed up the process from drawing to product.

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